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More historic interest pictures relating to Newmarket.

Above: This early Sherborn photograph of All Saints Road, supplied by Roger Newman, gives no sign of the imposing building
of the 'Old Station' which lies behind, near the junction with Old Station Road. The old railway line. terminating at the station,
would have run behind the trees on the left, while the main through line was still further to the left.
The goods and shunting yard would have been further along the road with its entrance in Granby Street.

Below: The road taken on 30th September 2008 from a similar position

This view of The Severals taken in 1926 is not much different to today apart from the riders dress
Picture Roger Newman

This tinted picture, also from the Roger Newman collection, of the High Street in 1906 is particularly interesting
as it shows the transition from horse drawn to motor transport.

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