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May 2004 to July 2005

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July 23rd 2005 from Patrick Dinsdale
I am trying to obtain any information on my birth mum, Sylvia C. Dinsdale. She was about 5'7" with dark brown hair and eyes. She was a very beautiful woman. She lived in Newmarket in the early 1960's to 13-14 October 1965 when she died. During her life in Newmarket, she lived at Flat 1 Wellington Street. She gave birth to me on 28th of August 1964 in Newmarket General Hosipital. At the time of my birth, she was a Hotel Waitress.
It is believed that her death made the newspaper in Newmarket.
I would love any information about her life or death anyone may have about my mum since I never had a chance to know her.
Sincerely, Patrick Darren Dinsdale
A touching story. Surely someone must remember this lady, any responses will be passed on.
At the Society's AGM on 18th April 2006 a member, Ann Cooke, said that she remembers Silvia Dinsdale and worked with her at Boots the Chemists Newmarket in the nineteen sixties. Patrick has been put in touch with Ann. Another example of the power of the internet in bringing people together (Webmaster)

July 13th 2005 from Mrs Marleen Milne
I have found your site and would like help in tracing a trainer named Joseph Butters. My father was apprenticed to him in 1912 but I don't know where he was located. I have found a Joseph Butters and his son Frank Joseph who were both successful jockeys and trainers but the only place mentioned is Austria. As Frank trained for Royalty and the Aga Khan and had many winners in England and Ireland they must have been based in theUK at some time.
Does anyone know if this is the same family or relations and where they were located?
Dad never finished his apprenticeship as he enlisted in the army and had grown and become too heavy to return to the profession when he was demobbed.
Any clues as to where I should be looking would be most helpful. Thankyou for a site which covers so much of the detail we horsey folk crave.
From Marleen's e-address she apppears to be in Australia. We have suggested she contacts the National Horeseracing Museum, but if anyone has any information we can pass it on. We do not like to publish e-addresses on the site as they encourage spam. (Ed.)

May 20th 2005: from Ray Youngs (e-mail address supplied)
Were there Veterinary Surgeons in or around Newmarket by the name of Balls and Sons I have a picture of their premises which was left to me by my great uncle. I would like to know if they were located in the local area and what connection if any my uncle had with them.

April 2005. From Rita M Mason
Dear Sir
I came across your name as a contact for local Newmarket history and wondered if you might be able to help me with my current search for information.
My grandmother always said she was born in 1875 in the Rutland Arms Hotel as her father built it. I know he didn't do that but he was a builder and was in the town around that period so I wonder whether perhaps the Hotel had any major work done to it at that time which he might have been involved in. In any event, the associations with the town are strong as her sister Elizabeth married the jockey William Lashmar who was a young groom and later a jockey for Heath House yard at the time of Matthew Dawson and Frederick Archer and indeed the Lashmars are mentioned as mourners at Archers funeral.
William, Elizabeth and my young grandmother later went to live in Paris and William was killed at the age of 25 racing at Lyon on 29th June 1890.
I know the Jockey Club only have records for jockeys going back as far as 1900 but I wondered as a local historian whether you know of any other source I might use/contact to discover more of Lashmars life and times. The informant of his death to the British Consol in Lyon was a manufacturer by the name of P Tredca and I think that possibly Lashmar was riding for him so I am interested to know if there is a way to trace French owner/trainer/jockey records for that time.
I know this is quite a long shot and I hope you will not mind my contacting you but I would appreciate any help you might be kind enough to give me.
Many thanks Rita M Mason
We have Rita's e-mail address if anyone can help, Ed.

April 2005.
From James Stralser,
I am researching my grandfathers racing career. He rode under the name of Joseph Richards around the turn of the century in Newmarket. I believe he is mentioned in one of two books, "Headquarters" or perhaps "Newmarket" both in print about 1987. I would like to purchase the proper book, I believe it to be out of print. If you can gather any information that might help my research, I would be most appreciative. Thank you for you time and help. Best Regards.
We have James's e-mail address if anyone can help, Ed.

14th February 2005.
Dear Sir,
I am the great grandson of John Watson d.1934. He trained two horses of note: Tracery and Galloper Light. He and his family lived in Palace House. I have found some information on him on the National Horseracing Museum but I'm unsure of his historical status in Newmarket. Also his son (my grandfather) John Kenneth Watson joined the RAF in 1917 and flew in France during WWI. Does your society have more information on either of them? I would like to purchase any copies of information on either of them.
My father and I hope to visit from the U.S. soon. I have 2 photos of John Watson and others at the stables if anyone would be interested in having an e-mail copy.
Best regards, Mark A. Watson

2nd February 2005
Dear Rod,
I just wanted to enquire whether any of the Society's publications give a short potted history of the Greyhound Hotel in Newmarket (particularly around the 1890s), or any images of it.
Thank you for your time and trouble.
Yours sincerely, David Woodcock 285 Cannon Hill Lane Raynes Park London SW20 9DB
Email Tel : 020 8542 2982

29th January 2005.
Dear Rod,
I'm Newmarket born and bred but after 30+ years serving in the RAF I've settled in Buckinghamshire. My father (Malcolm Howe) now lives in Tasmania and he'll probably not be well enough for another visit to the town. Dad was the final Shunt Horse handler at The Old Station Newmarket. We actually lived in the Old Station itself. I can remember him working with "Charlie" and "Butch", two beautiful horses, used to shunt the horse boxes around the old station.
I would love to be able to send him a photo of the horses or even better, him working them. Do any of your members have access to anything like this? I would willingly pay and/or reimburse any costs.
Keep up the good work. Kindest Regards, Chris Howe 16 The Orchard Halton Aylesbury Bucks
01296 624652 e-mail
This subject, including two pictures dated 1965, is dealt with in Vol.II of our 'History of Newmarket'. We may well have other pictures. Does anyone remember Malcolm Howe?
1st Feb. Society Archivist William Smith has come up with some good pictures one of which appears on our website. Ed.

24th January 2005.
I understand you are not a geneology site I will make this brief. I am descended from a John Olley, who was a fishmonger... I believe he had a shop in Palace Street Newmarket in 1901.. Could you tell me if there are any books about Newmarket that contain old photos of the Palace Street Area?
Regards Steve McGarry
(The 1896 Kelly's Directory lists a John Olley, Fishmonger in Palace Street. Does anyone know where that shop may have been? Ed.)

22nd January 2005.
Dear Sir, Hopefully you will be kind enough, if you can, to help me with trying to trace my ancestors links with Newmarket. My Grandmother was born in 1888 in Grosvenor Yard Newmarket. Her name being Annie Leonora Smith, her Mother was Mary Maria Smith. Mary ran what I can only describe as a cottage industry from her two-roomed home in Grosvenor Yard. She was a Needlewoman and was occupied making Jockey Silks.
Earlier this week I visited Newmarket hoping to gain some information from the Museum. Sadly it is closed during the winter months. On visiting your excellent Tourist Information Office I noticed lots of interesting things about your goodselves. Having just searched your website I thought I would see if you could help me in any way.
Whilst I think of it. Would you possibly know if Lord Brockett had any connection with Newmarket? The reason being that my Grandmother was in service with his family here in Hertfordshire before the 1st World War. I was trying to establish how a young girl would travel such a distance to find work in those days. If you find you can help me with any of this, no matter how small, I would be very grateful.
Yours sincerely, M.J.Poulton

1st December 2004.
Dear Rod
In April next year the Cambridgeshire Local History Society is holding a workshop/seminar entitled "Cambridgeshire's War - Reminisces Sixty years on" & we were very impressed with your sites article on the Home Guard. Do you have anyone that could give a short talk on their experiences in the Home Guard & if not are there any people who were involved that would just like to come to the event, it is being held in the Joint-ex-servicemen's club in Cambridge.
Best Wishes Andrew Westwood-Bate

22nd November 2004.
Dear Sir,
I am contacting you in the help you can assist me, I am currently researching my family history, and am particularly interested in my great great grandfather, Mr Henry Gobbett, 1852-1936, who was a police inspector at Newmarket 1902 until his retirement in 1909, I have this information from his obituary, however, I am desperate to find out more, what his life as a police inspector would have been like, what the police station was like then, basically any extra information at all and having looked at the fascinating website of the Newmarket Local History Society I am hoping you might be able to help me, or at least point me in the right direction! I hope you can help me and hope to hear from you in due course, Thanking you in advance
Yours Mrs Anne Jones 29 Brushmakers Way Roydon Diss Norfolk IP22 4QZ

November 13th, from Avril Lowry
I have just discovered a family link to the famous Fred Archer through his wife Helen. I found your web site very interesting and wondered if there is anywhere else I can look for information or if any of your members would be interested in this side of the family. Best wishes from Australia.

October 23rd 2004 - From Margaret in Australia
For several years now, without even a smidgin of success, I have searched for a data base, related to Horse Racing and Turf Accountants. A register perhaps?, containing the members' names from this group, would be an excellent find. Alas, nothing has been found to date.
My Great Grandfather in the 1890's was a Commission agent (according to my grandmothers birth cert., therein). Family oral history states my great grandfather was indeed a "Bookmaker" (not the kind that one reads), Bookmaking (as in the horse betting type) continued to be a feature of some of the family's working orientation, up to the 1960's. Where my grandfather (who had worked for my great grandfather in the 1920's onwards) continued to work as "A Bookie's Clerk" for several on course Bookmakers. Being a bit of a Maths wiz. ... he was always assured of some part-time employment, even up to and past his retirement and was much sought by those on course "Bookies" who were acquainted with him. I do recall, many times as a child, my grandfather going off to Newmarket Races with his Bookmaking colleagues.
Locating your Newmarket website has given rise to my speaking with you today. Anyway, as you see, I dearly wish to locate some information, related to this area of my research. If you or anyone you know of has any ideas on where I should direct my research, regarding this pathway .... would you please let me know. I'd appreciate any assistance you're able to offer in this regard.
Many thanks for your time and interest. Regards Margaret,

October 15th 2004.
Dear Rod, this is a long shot indeed as I am trying to find out about a manslaughter case that took place in a Newmarket training stable in the 1800s. The case involved a John Railton (Groom) who beat a stable boy to death. He served a prison sentence. Then he himself was killed as a result of a riding accident. (After he had served his sentence for manslaughter) whereby he was thrown from the saddle but dragged through the streets by having his foot entangled in the stirrup. This was about 1899. This of course is all history but I am sure it would have made good journalism in its day. I am not sure where to start looking as not all newspapers hold records going back that far. I do not know the name of the stable and I realise that there are lots of them in Newmarket. It may be that there is some sort of group or training association and hearsay being what it is this story may well be in records somewhere in Newmarket. It is my intention to try and contact the older newspapers of the day but I am not sure what it would have been called. I am convinced that at the time this story would have been "big news". You may not be the person I should be talking to but any help or "steer" in the right direction would be most helpful. I am most grateful for any help you may be able to offer however small.
Yours sincerely, Mrs Eileen Railton. (Researching the Railton family)
I have Mrs Railton's e-address if anyone has any information. Ed.

October 6th from Dave Edmunds
Dear Sir, I am sorry to trouble you, but if possible would you be able to supply me with the following information I am interested in the life and descendants of the great Victorian jockey - Fred Archer. There are two reasons for this and they are follows:- I have always had an interest in the turf, both as a humble punter and in the history of the game. I have read several books on Fred Archer, visited the National Horse Racing Museum in Newmarket, which has a wonderful exhibition on the man. This year I spent a weekend in Newmarket and visited his grave which my missus thought was sad of me. Anyway quite a fascinating character, as which no doubt you are aware. Secondly, my uncle`s step-son (my cousin) was told he was a direct descendant of Fred Archer. My step-cousin was an apprentice with a trainer called Colin Davies in the late 1960s, at the time that Colin Davies trained the Triple Champion Hurdler Persian War. And I have always been fascinated to confirm that this link was correct and not idle rumour. Therefore, do you have a family tree from his survivng daughter? I look forward to you reply, but will understand if you cannot provide any information. Thanks for your time,
Dave Edmunds
Dave has been put in touch with our Chairman, Eric Dunning, who is something of an authority on Fred Archer. Ed

October 3rd 2004. From Anne Chipperfield
I am looking for information about my great grandfather. William Scott Martin. 1839-1887. He was born in Swaffham Prior. I understand that he was a sporting writer who had contributed to The Sporting Life, as a special commissioner and afterwards under the nom de plume of ‘Martingale’. His father was, quote from the Newmarket Journal of 28/5/1887:- “Wm Martin the respected trainer of Fitzroy house in this town” There were also others in the Martin family involved with horses in and around the Newmarket area. William Scott Martin died on 25th May 1887 and is buried in the cemetery in Exning (not the one at St Martins Church.) I am trying to trace the death certificate for W.S. Martin and need more information as it does not seem to be in the records office under his name!!! Thank you in advance for your time and trouble

October 2nd 2004 from Malcolm Buckler in the Isle of Man
I was interested to find your excellent website, when searching for information about the 19th century jockey Frederick Archer. I require a detailed source of information which will tell me if Fred Archer ever rode the famous racehorse Donovon of about the same era. The reason for my request is that I have inherited a large clay pipe. On one side is a bust of a jockey entitled F. Archer and on the other side a mounted racehorse with the title Donovon. My only link with the racing world is a distant cousin Buckler who has a stud Nr. Bridport. Also I think that I work next to, or very close to the field where the very first Derby race was held, when the Isle of Man was the home of the Earl of Derby. Indeed the hamlet adjacent to where I work is called Derbyhaven. I must investigate but guess your group would probably know all about this. It would be wonderful if the Isle of Man could muster a revival meeting one day, as there has been an enormous growth here in equestrian life in the last few years and being placed equidistant from Ireland and England, it should not be too difficult to attract some thoroughbreds. Sincerely Malcolm Buckler. E-mail:
The Newmarket Horseracing Museum has been informed of this correspondence. Ed.

September 24th 2004 from Jeremy Stuehmeyer passed on by the Newmarket Horseracing Museum who asked if we could help.
Dear Mr Snelling, Please can you help me, I have a question or two on Newmarket Race Course?
I was told of an old story from the Sinclair side of my family, that way back in the Dickensian day's the Sinclairs of 'The Copse' Newmarket Suffolk had a great disagreement and one of the Sinclairs, a Warren Sinclair dropped Sinclair from his name, his surname then became Warren and so, possibly this could be a connection to Warren Hill? I would love to know:-
Where did the 'Warren Hill' come from within Newmarket Race Course (with dates if possible)?
Did any 'Sinclair' have anything to do with the origins and set up of Newmarket Race Course?
'The Copse' Newmarket I believe was a large house set in grounds, race horses and stabling.. Is this house still standing or know of today?
Would there be paintings or photographs of the Sinclair's, Warren's or The Copse?
I look forward to hearing from you.
Many thanks and regards Jeremy's E-mail
We have informed Mr Stuehmeyer that Warren Hill was a name that existed as far back as the 18th century at least, as we have a picture of horses galloping on Warren Hill dated 1790. Does anyone know the origins of the name? Ed.

September 24th 2004. Hello there, a number of years ago my husband and I spent a very enjoyable time with Members of the Newmarket Local History Group.
We were taken to Palmers Drapery shop once the home of my g-g-grandfather Henry ANDREWS who had the shop as a Drapers also. I have recently obtained the Death certificate of my 4xg-grandmother Anne ANDREWS who died in Newmarket on the 8th May 1856 aged 100. Now that I know the exact date i wonder if anyone would have access to a local newspaper which might have published an Obituary of such an old resident. Anne was nee FULLER of possibly Burwell. There is supposed to have been a memorial plaque put in a Baptist Chapel to honour Mrs Andrews but I don't know where the Chapel was, maybe not in Newmarket itself.
I do hope somebody can assist me to find more information. sincerely, Judith Stichbury New Zealand

September 3rd 2004. From Lynda Gamil enquiring about a Newmarket Watchmaker.
Hi, Could you please advise if there is any local museum who might have any information on a WILLIAM HARRIS, watch and clock maker in the Market Place 1844, 1846 and 1855 directories, moving in 1864 to Wellington Street. Many Thanks.
(Lynda also mentions that the Newmarket Wm. was probably the son of Wm. Harris of Chippenham, a watch and clock maker and also mentions a John Harris, the Newmarket Wm's brother. It seems that watch and clockmaking was a family trade. We have Lynda's e-address if anyone has any information - Ed.)

Reply from antique clock expert John Woollard:
The CCC. records state that Wm. had a bracket clock (early 19th.C) in New York University. The Chippenham recorded as working in Chippenham Wilts and has a watch in the Ilbert collection. Neither of them was a member of the Clockmakers Company. There are many Johns, all around London. A second initial might help.

August 2004
From Cliff Moody in California
Dear Mr Vincent, Greetings from California. I obtained your e-mail address from Newmarket Local History website. I am doing research into my ancestors who lived in Moulton during the 1500's. I was hoping that perhaps you may know of some book or other source that covers the history of Moulton. Any information that you may be able to provide will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and assistance in this matter and I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Sincerely yours, Cliff Moody 208 San Antonio Way Sacramento, California 95819 USA
(Mr Moody has already been in touch with John Gunson, the Moulton historian. If anybody knows anything more please get in touch, we have Mr Moody's e-address. Ed.)

July 2004. From Roger Newman, who sends us this e-mail from Frank Anderson, Chairman of the Croydon Airport Society following our picture of a D.H. Dove charter plane at Newmarket races.
Subject: RE: Olley Air Services
Dear Mr. Newman
Olley Air Services was a private company founded by Gordon P. Olley, a former pilot for Imperial Airways, in the 1930s. His aircraft operated mainly from Croydon Airport. He was instrumental in flying General Franco from the Canary Islands, to Morocco, to take part in the Spanish Civil War of 1936-1939. His company continued into the 1950s. The aircraft depicted on your postcard is a de Havilland Dove and the picture could have been taken from the late 40s to the late 50s. I think the 'skywriting' is a bit of 'artistic licence'! Gordon Olley's daughter is a member of Croydon Airport Society, and lives in Tasmania. She has recently instituted a Gordon P. Olley Award for advances in aviation medicine, which is awarded annually by the Royal Aeronautical Society.
I hope that this is helpful. Best wishes, Frank Anderson

Late May 2004, from Chris Strong
Hi, My name is Chris Strong and I found this site while I was looking for information about my uncle, Edgar William Harvey.
I know he was killed in WWII on 16 December 1942 while flying a Stirling I from Newmarket to lay mines over Bordeaux. I also know it was a stormy night and as the plane took off from the runway, the starboard wheel clipped "Devil's Dyke" and crashed about a mile from the runway, all were killed.
Can you tell me, what is "Devil's Dyke"? and also the information I have is that he is buried at Lakenham in Norfolk, Section E, Grave 25. (St John the Baptist Churchyard). Is this correct, I can only find references to Fakenham.
Thank you in advance for your time and trouble, I have found out some things but obviously there are gaps.
Regards, Chris Strong
We are in correspondence with Chris about the Devil's Ditch, also see notes following below from NLHS archivist William Smith (Ed)

75Sqdn 01/11/42 -- 29/06/43.
During fly operation 33 Wellingtons and 43 Stirlings were lost while the 75 s were station at Newmarket Heath.
Stirling No R9245 code AA-E. lost on the night of 16th Dec 1942. Believed starboard wheel clipped the Ditch and lost control, and crashed with a load of sea mines bound for Bordeaux.
Crew members were:
Pilot. Sgt Benjamin Allen FRANKLIN RNZAF Buried at Newmarket
Flt. Eng, Sgt William Joseph LAWRENCE RCAF . Buried at Newmarket
Nav. Sgt William Henry Whitcombe RNZAF, Buried at Newmarket
W/Op Sgt Harold Rangi WELCH, RNZAF, Buried at Newmarket
Air Gnr, Eric James Burbridge. Buried at Wandsworth (Stretham Sect ) Cemetery
Sgt Edgar William HARVEY. Buried at Lakenham St John the Baptist Churchyard *
Sgt Tom PASCOE, Buried at Ashburton St Andrews

*Lakenham St John the Baptist is a parish south of Norwich, just south of the Norwich South ring road, now known as 'Old Lakenham'.

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