previously THE ROSE

Location:- High Street

Brewery or Owner:- Greene, King

These premises were The Rose on Chapman's map of 1768, but by 1787 it was the Waggon & Horses. Even Peter May's books on the history of Newmarket from Medieval times to 1760 do not mention the Rose yet the core of the building goes further back into the C17.
The significance of the Royal Cypher displayed on the facade in various places over the years and the date 1868 seen on the building is at present unknown.
The inn is quite a feature on the eastern end of the High Street, but overshadowed perhaps by the Rutland Arms on the other side of the street. Until more recent times the weekly livestock market was held in the capacious yards behind the Inn, but this came to an end and the site was largely given over to the development of the Rookery shopping centre in the early 1970's

At present no idea exactly who owns what at rear of Inn

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licensing register
Year Licensee Owner source
1768 The Rose Chapman's map
1787 Waggon & Horses Chapman's map
1789 for sale Robert Jones Bury & Norwich Post
1804 Daniel Potter ? Bury & Norwich Post
1815 William Seeley Cambridge Chronicle & Journal
1823 " " Pigot
1830 John Martin Pigot
1835 John Martin freehold sold Bury & Norwich Post
1841 John Martin census
1858 John Martin offered for sale Bury & Norwich Post
1861 John Martin census
1862 John Sellwood Bury & Norwich Post
1870 "" " offered for sale Cambridge IndependentPress
1871 "" " census
1873- Edward Mark Mayhew Harrods
1877 " " Bury & Norwich Post
1885 " " (died April) Bury Free Press
1885 Mary Ann Mayhew (Mrs) widow of previous) Bury Free Press
1891 John Smith ( married previous in 1887) census
1901 " " census
1904 Thomas H Sutton
1908 Charles F Lurgley
1910 Aug. Richard Archibald Smith Cambridge Independent Press
1910 Aug. Alfred George Green " "
1911 Alfred George Read census
1915 John Smith (died Dec 1915) apparently not the earlier John Smith)
1916 Mrs Smith (widow of above) Bury Free Press
1922 S Smith (Mrs)
1925 June Sarah Barber (Mrs) Bury Free Press
1925 June Herbert Sheppard Bury Free Press
1939 Herbert Sheppard 1939 register
1940 Herbert Sheppard (died May 1940 Bury Free Press
1968 Jose Torres Whitbread
3-12-1970 Ronald Frank Cowell " "
24-11-1977 " " plus Whitbread Area manager Alan Jacobs
12-2-1981 Terence Edward Taylor " "
3-2-1983 Mark Douglas Strachan plus Adrian Bowers
9-6-1983 Michael Richard Cowan plus Kevin Atkins
1991 Colin Whiley Whitbread local knowledge
2002 Dan Heath ? Newmarket Journal 15 May
24-11-2005 Francis O'Brien Greene, King
20-6-2011 Ian Edward Pearson " " " "
18-2-2014 Brett Leacy " " " "
3-12-2014 Fraser David Thompson " " " "

between 1908 and August 1910 (landlord's name over door, also note just one door)

before 1925, no Woolworths

early 1930's

The Waggon was noted for its ham, above photo was taken in 1938

at time of one of the regular walking/running feats undertaken in Newmarket


1977 - thanks to Peter Norman

2006 - thanks to Mike Mingay