(previously RAILWAY TAVERN)

Location:- Granby Street

Brewery or Owner:-last Tolly Cobbold

Not only was the pub renamed, the street was also. Originally built on Railway Street (from Park Lane, down to the cross roads and turn right to the railway station (the Old Station), then renamed Lower Station Road which went from the station to All Saints church, before ending up as All Saints Road. The stretch from Park Lane down to the cross roads was re-named Granby Street

As with many pubs, space was not wasted and the yard behind housed more than one residence in the earlier days, in this case one family actually had a Victoria Cross winner. Thomas Elsdon Ashford won the VC in Afghanistan on 16th August 1880 whilst serving with the Royal Fusiliers. he was born in Pecks Cottages, Exning Road, but many of his family were from the Turf yard area.

Closed and sold in 1976 and converted into two dwellings, 25 and 27 Granby Street.

Sadly,and surprisingly for a comparatively new pub, no photograph has been found from when it was open as a pub, and my family lived opposite for many years !
Year Licensee Owner source
1858 (Railway Tavern to let) Hoop Brewery Cambridge Chronicle & Journal
1861 John Bailey (at Railway Tavern) census
1867 Joseph Crick (at Turf Tavern) Cambridge Chronicle & Journal
1871 Joseph Crick (at Turf Tavern) census
1874 " " White
1877 Joseph Crick to Charles Shafe Crick moved to Carpenters Arms Bury & Norwich Post
1879 Charles Shafe Bury Free Press
1880 Charles Shafe to James Nicholls (from Cherry Tree) Bury Free Press
1881 James Nicholls (died Apr 1881) census
1881 Susannah Nicholls (Mrs) widow of previous burial records
1883 Hiram Bly (married previous) Cambridge Independent Press
1885 Hiram Bly (died 1887) White
1891 Susannah Bly (Mrs) widow of previous census
1900 Susannah Bly (died Mar.1901) Tindall and Kelly
1901 Frank Frederick Saich census
1901 June Charles Skinner Cambridge Daily News
1908 " " Kelly
1911 Arthur Quick census
1913 Arthur Quick Cambridge Independent Press
1916 Nellie Jones (widow of late Reginald Jones of Cherry Tree) Kelly
1917 Nellie Jones ) directory
Aug 1918 from George P Bailey to his wife (to Army) Bury Free Press
1922 George P Bailey Kelly
1925 " " " " Kelly
1933 Frank Barford Kelly
1939 Frank Barford " " 1939 register
1940 " " " " Newmarket Journal
1956-1960 Ronald Smith son of William Smith at Horseshoes licensing records
? to 7-11-1976 James Taylor " " licensing records
1976 converted to 2 dwellngs

photo from David Butcher..customer of Turf around 1947

photo from David Butcher..customer of Turf in 1950s
Back row Jack Butcher - ? - Cyril Wade - Fred Day - Ernie Day
Front row ? - ? - ? - Frank Barford (landlord) - Bill Woodhouse
If you know the others please let us know ..and we still need a decent photo of the front of the pub.......webmaster@newmarketpubs.co.uk