Location:- High Street

In the High Street, currently (2019) the Golden Sun takeaway. This is one of those premises that the vast majority of the townspeople have no idea was once a pub, in this original building

At one time the premises would have comprised all of the yard with access to the High Street and Drapery Row, and that yard possibly extended into Wellington Street. That was when the Moody family had their brewery there, before buying out Charles Phillips for £1,200 in 1865 and moving to his brewery to the corner of Albion Street with Market Street.
The Moody brothers were bankrupt by 1869, Robert was running the business and sister Harriet took over and managed for some years to keep the firm gong, but in 1896 the brewery and all its pubs were sold to Greene, King. When the pub, as opposed to the Brewery was closed has not been found.The bulk of the newspaper reports are adverts for the Brewery when in the hands of Harriet.

An undated advertisement is known of C.B.Bosworth, King's Head Brewery, Newmarket..Corn, coal,cake and Forage Merchant, Importer and Dealer n High Class Wine and Spirits
Year Licensee Owner source
1787 Chapman's map
1798 Tyrell Moody Tyrell Moody directory
1816 Kings Head and Brewery auction sale on premises Bury & Norwich Post
1823 " " Moody Brothers Pigot
1830 " " Tyrell Moody Pigot
1841 Tyrell Moody (Wine Merchant) census
1861 Thomas Moody(brewer) census
1869 Frederick and Walter Moody bankrupt all effects up for auction Cambridge Chronicle & Journal
1871 Harriet Moody (sister of sbove) Bury & Norwich Post
1881 " " census
1887 Harriett & C.F.Moody Bury Free Press
1888 Martin Collin to George Palmer Harriett Moody Cambridge Chronicle & Journal
1891 Harriet Moody (died 1899) in Hadley House census

1880s, the only change is now two dormer windows

Proctors were here in 1926 and moved later to Beaufort House,
next to the Memorial Hall where they were bombed in 1941

During the transition to one of the fast food outlets

it seems as if it went from TV rentals, to a forgotten chicken house then to Pizza Roll, then to USA Chicken

the cellar, as ever Peter Norman found a way in when the builders were there
The scratching on the pane of glass appears to by signed Hubbard and Deva with the date possibly 1816
bear in mind that the building at the end of the yard is now Deva Chambers


2019 yard and Hadley House