Location:- Drapery Row to the right of the rear entrance to Deva House

Brewery or Owner:-finally- Halls of Ely.

Towards the Wellington Street end of Drapery Row, to the right of the entrance to rear entrance to Deva House and Hadleigh House. .
Apparently the publicans did not favour advertising as it is not mention in any trade directory so far seen

Between 1911 and 1913 the magistrates decided to have a clear out of licences as they realised that with 30 licences in St Mary's ward alone they had one beer outlet for every 90 man,woman and child
Year Licensee Owner source
1787 Chapman's map
1858 Arthur Frederick Webb Cambridge Independent Press
1861 Josiah Carter census
1871 " " census
1874 William Mockford Bury Free Press
1878 William Whitmore assaulted customer, fined 5s and 7s 6d costs Cambridge Independent Press
1880 William S.Brewer Bury Free Press
1881 Frederick Hall census
1883 Frederick Hall (cautioned as to behaviour) White Hart Brewery Cambridge Independent Press
1884 transfer to Arthur Verer refused Bury Free Press
1889 Apr. Edward Famish Cambridge Daily News
1889 Dec. Henry Leonard Gaught Bury Free Press
1891 " " census
1896 advert for tenant White Hart Brewery Bury Free Press
1901 Edward Famish census
1906 Walter Cardwell Star Brewery Bury Free Press
1906 licence surrendered Bury Free Press
1913 sold - unlicensed " " Newmarket Journal