Location:- Corner of Drapery Row and the BUTCHERIES in the Rookery area.

Brewery or Owner:-finally- Halls of Ely.

Near the Wellington Street end of Drapery Row. Behind the shops along Wellington Street ran The Butchery and the right hand corner of this at the junction with Drapery Row, was the Dolphin (1903 map). By 1906 it was seemingly in disrepair, beer trade was minimal and is appeared to be mainly a cheap lodging house used by tramps. The area had many other beer houses and inns, so many that there were 30 licenced houses in St Mary's ward for every 94 of the population. The licence was therefore withdrawn and is apparently continued purely as a lodging house

Year Licensee Owner source
1787 Chapman's map
1798 Joseph Perry directory
1823 William Bowers Pigot
1830 Henry Southgate Pigot
1839 William Dyson Robson
1839 John Gardiner Pigot
1844 James Howlett White
1850 James Tomlin Robson
1855 James Tomlin White
1861 James Tomlin (died 1865) census
1869 Mary Ann Tomlin (Mrs) widow of above Post Office
1871 Mary Ann Tomlin (Mrs) census
1879 Mary Ann Tomlin (Mrs) Kelly
1881 Mary Ann Tomlin (Mrs) (died 1882) census
1883 Frederick Bailey Kelly
1888 Frederick Bailey Kelly
1888 George Gooch Ransom Bury Free Press
1891 Susan Ransom census
1896 Walter Charles Cardwell Halls of Ely Kelly
1900 Walter Charles Cardwell to Charles Farr Halls of Ely Cambridge Daily News
1901 Charles Chamberlain " " census
1904 William Dyson (son of Henry at The Lamb) " " Kelly
1911 William Dyson (manager for his mother Emma at unlicensed lodging house) census
1911 Henry Dyson at unlicensed lodging house 1939 register

poor photo but the only one found

Sale in 1899