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We are based in... Newmarket... Suffolk...England, the historic medieval market town associated with horse racing from the time of King James 1st.
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Two more added to "personalities" and an article about the 1916 Zeppelin bombing raid

"THEN and NOW"
an aspect we will often feature in the Gallery page
and the Mystery Place will hopefully be changed at regular intervals and maybe will be "What used to be here?"
Left: 1909 CARPENTERS ARMS.....................right in 2020 residential

Firstly, now that the VE Day Anniversary has become local history, we seek photos of what you or your neighbours might have done by way of celebration on May 8th

Equally we do need to record the strange appearance of the town during this lock down COVID19 period, so any appropriate photos you have would be welcome

Plus a request of the old 'uns amongst us, who may have memories of the Grosvenor Yard when it was full of cottages. We have an article here on this site, but the map is far too small to be of any use. Strangely we have several members who are old enough, but have no recollection of even cycling through the yard in their youth. Memories of Icewell Hill and the Rookery, yes, but none of Grosvenor Yard

also Peter and Tony desperately need photos of Cheapside clothing shop in Wellington Street, Percy Hammond's articulated horse box, the Turf Tavern in Granby Street and the Albion Stores aka The Pelican on the corner of Albion Street and Wellington Street

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Rodney Vincent who originated this website back in 2002 died on 7th April. He was 93 years young. When the family find it possible to hold a memorial service, details will be entered here.
It does mean that we have no way of responding now to some queries as they are all locked away on Rodney's computer and we do not have the correspondents' email addresses.
So if you are wondering why no reply, please try again now that the emails are re-directed.

While the site was being revamped it was inevitable that some items disappeared. Rest assured they are not lost, they have either been moved or are safe in an archive copy of the site

Copyright..the images on this site are mostly from the collection of Peter Norman, but hopefully all sources will be credited.
but so many were given to us by unrecorded persons or found on numerous websites. Anyone with concerns over their copyright should contact us so that hopefully all can be amicably agreed

The Society meets every third Tuesday of the month from September to April at 7.30 pm (doors open 7 pm) at The Stable, High Street, Newmarket (unless otherwise noted) when we have a visiting speaker. During the summer months (except August when there is no meeting) we usually arrange trips to local places of historic interest. The December meeting is for members only...click here for calendar


Of course, with the COVID-19 lock down regulations, it is pointless to speculate as to when meetings will resume.


Newmarket Local History Society - Committee Members (from 18th April 2019)
Chair - Sandra Easom
Vice-Chair - Wendy Walker
Secretary - Abigael Brand secretary@newmarketlhs.org.uk
Treasurer - Joan Watkinson
Committee Members - Joan Shaw, David Staff, Kathy Staff, Stephen Garner, Joanne Garner and David Rippington

Other supporters (non-committee members): Archivist - William Smith; Photographic Archivist - Peter Norman; Webmaster & Researcher - Tony Pringle

Naturally, due to the COVID19 restrictions, the 2020 A.G.M. has yet to take place, watch this site for the eventual re-arranged date.


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If you prefer to write, please post to Newmarket Local History Society, c/o Newmarket Town Council, Memorial Hall, High Street, Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 8JP

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