A Soldier's letter home during the Great War.


The following letter was received by the Rev. A.D.Taylor the vicar of Wood Ditton, from Private Woollard, written while he was in training at Weymouth prior to departing for the front. The letter was published in the Parish Magazine.

Dear Sir
15th February 1915.

I thought you would be interested to hear a little of the conditions of soldiering. As you may know, I find the conditions of soldiering rather hard at times, but on the whole it is a very good life, in fact the only one for a young healthy single man, as it is the duty for every one of us to put up with hardships and do our very best to bring this terrible war to a speedy close. I find the most impressive thing at present the Church Parade of the soldiers, to see about 800 to 1,000 of them going to church is a sight one seldom sees in times of peace. We get a lot of rain here and the mud is awful, but we are getting quite used to it now. They are constantly sending large drafts from here to the front, and it will require all the men Britain can get to finish once and for all the Kaiser and his followers, who have done their best to crush religion and civilisation.
I am glad to say I am in good health, trusting you are the same.
I am sir, yours faithfully
Private Frederick Woollard 16704 ~ 3rd Northants Regiment

Footnote. Private Woollard was killed in action near Ypres Belgium on 9th May 1915, aged 23. His name appears on the parish Roll of Honour in Wood Ditton Church.

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