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19th March 2021
Hello, An old friend reminded me recently that when teenagers in the 1960's we visited a hotel or pub in the High Street where we used to dance and often there were American singers, from Lakenheath and Mildenhall bases there too, are there any reference to those fun times do you know ?....Thank you. Chrisine Terrell
That has to be the Carlton. Too big and too expensive to maintain, it was demolished and now replaced by Boots. Some facts and photos on www.newmarketpubs.co.uk and www.newarketshops.info... webmaster

13 February 2021
Hello Sir/Madam, The Website of your Society indicates that you have an active interest in the History of the Town and its surroundings. I have a framed picture of : The Entrance to Newmarket drawn by William Westall A.R.A (this is a colour Lithograph print by Edward Finden). A copy of the print is held by the British Museum and it can be viewed on the internet. I am not an art expert but wondered if anybody in the Newmarket Historical society would be interested. Print size approx is 6 X 4 inches. It is professionally framed by Lingfield Gallery, Lymington, Hants. My connection with Newmarket was as a school boy 1947-50 and cycling every day from Dalham Hall near the sleepy village of Dalham.
Thank you, Michael Meehan. Amersham, Bucks.
It was been explained that this prnt is one of the more common of old Newmarket, but if anyone is interested the webmaster can pass on contact detals for Mr Meehan.

17 February 2021
My grandparents (Mr and Mrs Featonby) owned the hotel for quite a few years and my family used to visit often when I was small. I have some wonderful memories of the place but sadly no photos. The building was demolished along with the swimming pool. It was a white double fronted building with the entrance to the side, built I think in the 30's but could be wrong on this.
I look forward to hearing back from you if anyone has any memories at all. Very best regards.
Zina Bage
As yet no dates have been found for the start and finish of this restaurant/hotel, it is not shown on the 1936 directory. It wason the Birdcage, about 2nd or maybe 3rd building from the current petrol station (was Turner and Hore's garage in those days). This photograph (courtesy Old Newmarket) is all we have.

19 February 2021
Thanks so much, you've made my day! So frustrating when somewhere that has such vivid childhood memories disappears without trace. I've got a photo of Grandmama in the back garden but absolutely nothing else except what's in my head. Both my parents have died now so there's no one left to ask about the history and dates of places and things. I'm sure my grandparents would have used a lot of the other pubs, hotels and restaurants in Newmarket, it was quite a tight knit community from memory and everyone was of course into racing. I'll have a look at your pub website and thanks again for sending me the photo, have a great weekend. Best regards Zina